Arrival and Attendance Routine

Building Opens

The building and cafeteria open at 7:15 am. Students will not be supervised until 7:15.  Help us avoid concerns by waiting until the building opens to drop off your child(ren)

Students entering the building may go to the cafeteria for breakfast or quietly to their staging areas in the morning to wait for class to begin.

School begins at 7:40 am

Students arriving after 7:40 must report to the office for a tardy slip before continuing to class.

Drop-Off Policy

All Students: Students should enter through the Main Office doors (5th Street) or north cafeteria doors at 7:15. If students do not eat breakfast they will be directed to the classroom.

Morning Staging Areas

Kindergarten-5th Grade: In classrooms 


Breakfast will be served from 7:15 – 7:40a.m. Classes start at 7:40a.m. Staff members will be on duty to monitor the students. Parents must sign in prior to taking students to the cafeteria. All visitors must wear the visitor’s badge while in the school building. Please make sure the badge is visible at all times.

Attendance Policy

If your child is going to be absent:
Please call the office No Later Than 8:00am to inform us. Call 547-4212.
When your child returns to school, please send documentation for the absence. This is a requirement for consideration of excusing any absence. The following needs to be included on all notes:

  • Date of absence

  • Reason for absence

  • Student’s first and last name

  • Teacher’s name

If absence is due to doctor’s appointment, send in the doctor’s note upon returning to school and the absence will be coded Certified.

Parents Have 48 Hours To Turn In Attendance Notes

Updating information

Please update all changes to address or phone numbers immediately. This can be taken care of in the school’s office.   Withdrawals: If your child needs to withdraw from our school, please notify the office by note or phone call at least two (2) days in advance.