Parent Community Outreach Coordinator

Karen Folger

Karen Folger



 Hello, I am Karen Folger, your Parent Community Outreach Coordinator for Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary School. It is just a big fancy name for “I am here to help”. Parent Involvement and Engagement in your child’s education and success is the focus for my position and getting you to be involved with your child and the school is an important part to the success of students.

Studies show that children are more successful when parents are involved in their education. They value school more because it is important to you and therefore becomes important to them. This proves to be a deciding factor in whether children read well and do better in school overall. I want you to know that I am here for you and your children, always. The place I work is at the school but, I mainly want you to know that we are all a team, parents, families (whatever that looks like), students, and educators. My philosophy is that It takes a village, and it will take each of us working as a team, to get students through these next several years of their life in preparation for becoming successful leaders and happy adults living their best life.

Resources Available to You in the Parent Resource Room

  • Flash Cards

  • Sight Word Cards

  • Books

  • Books with cassette

  • Videos

  • Trainings/Workshops

  • Booklets on a variety of relevant topics from Bullying, Parenting, Student Behavior, Exceptional Children

  • Access to help with supplies or tools to work with your child at home

*We will be holding Parent Trainings and helping you to build your toolbox of valuable information for student success!

If you need something, anything, just ask, we are here to help. Please know that I am always here for you and will do my very best to help you and your child succeed in any way possible. There will be trainings throughout the year on a variety of different subjects and I hope you will join us and give your input. I want you to let me know your thoughts and interests for school activities, workshops, etc. I may ask you to come help volunteer if possible or serve on a committee on either the Parent Advisory Council or the Site Based Decision Making Committee. Here is to an adventurous and wonderful school year!